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Date Speaker Title
September 22
September 29
Russell Corbett-Detig Using local ancestry to reveal epistatic networks
  Beth Shapiro Why mammoths went extinct (on St. Paul Island, Alaska)
October 6
Sergio Covarrubias  Genome-Wide CRISPR Screens for Long non-coding RNAs Involved in Inflammation
  Todd Lowe Stressed Out: tRNAs and Intentional Mistakes in the Genetic Code
October 13
Miten Jain and Hugh Olsen DNA sequencing with the MinION
  Nader Pourmand Nanopipette Technology: Past, Present, and Future
October 20
Angela Brooks High-throughput and complete characterization of transcript isoforms and their function
  Nik Sgourakis Modeling the 3D structures of protein complexes from sparse NMR data
October 27
Pablo Cordero From snapshots to movies: constructing evolving transcriptional networks from static single cell measurements
  Christopher Vollmers B cell Genomics: Developing new technologies to analyze the adaptive immune system
November 3
Rebecca DuBois Structure-based engineering of vaccines and antiviral therapeutics
  David Haussler Can we find the genetic changes that make us human?
November 10 Rotation Talks 2016-17 PBSE First Rotation talks this week
    Tuesday (Biomed 200), Wednesday (PSB 240), Thursday (PSB 240) 12:30-2pm
     No regularly scheduled seminar
November 17 Daniel Kim Epigenomic reprogramming by long noncoding RNA
  Subrata Dutta Chirality as a subtle probe of structure and function of Amyloid beta
November 24 NO SEMINAR Thanksgiving
December 1 Elevator Talks  Graduate student presenters: Arrive at 11:40am
     Everyone else: Seminar starts at 12pm



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